Jeremias wrote:
> On 28.02.2004 20:16:56 Clay Leeds wrote:
> > It would also be nice, if there were some sort of "repository" or links 
> > page on the FOP site where people can go to get hyphenation files that 
> > cannot be included in FOP because they do not meet the needs of the 
> > ALv2 (assuming there are no negative legal ramifications). That way, 
> > this valuable information is still accessible, and simplifies the 
> > process of getting the information. It might mean a little more legwork 
> > on our part, but it may end up being 'worth it' in the long run.
> Well, IMO our website says just about everything there is to know about
> hypenation patterns. Even a link to the most important source for
> hypenation patterns is there. One possibility for the community is to
> create a project at SourceForge (or somewhere else) to put hyphenation
> patterns which cannot be distributed by the ASF.

I took a look at the original TeX files. It is not trivial to convert
them automatically to FOP, because they contain all sorts of TeX
trickery. [It should not be impossible using TeX macros; perhaps I
will give it a try some time.]  Therefore the ScourceForge project
seems a good idea.
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