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Accordingly, I think it's time now for us to do the
same for FOP.  I'd like us to drop the Avalon library
for 1.0, and switch to Jakarta Commons-Logging [4] as
a replacement for Avalon's logging component.  For
1.0, I propose having FOP join Batik, Xalan, Xerces,
AntennaHouse, RenderX, Struts, Axis, and (upcoming)
Cocoon in no longer shipping with Avalon, nor
requiring its users to import that library into their
applications in order to use FOP.  Here's my +1.

Im not going to vote straight away, ill wait for some of the other committers to speak up. I do agree with your thought process.

Commons-logging offers the same type of logger options [5] that Avalon logging does: The user has a choice of no logger, stderr logger, Log4J, and JDK 1.4 logging. They can also create additional logging types. Commons-logging is currently being used by major open-source applications such as Tomcat, Tapestry, Apache Axis and Jakarta Struts, and *many* others [6], so we'll be moving into very good company.

Yes I agree.

Another huge advantage I see for FOP in particular is exceptional integration with Struts applications. For Struts developers, the same commons-logging instance that they presently use for their application coding can be passed into FOP during PDF generation. No more needing to create a separate Avalon logging instance in their code, or (possibly) needing to have two different output logging files, one for each logging instance. This will look very nice architecturally for both FOP and Struts.

Yes another very good point.

I'll be more than happy to take care of the conversion for us--I'll make the change via a patch for us to review before committing.

Thoughts? Votes?

In the last couple of years there has been a lot of discussion on this list about avalon and getting FOP to work with parts of avalon other than just logging. As far as I am aware FOP still uses avalon only for logging. But a lot of more experienced committers have often spoke in the past of using other features of avalon to FOP's great advantage. What those features are or advantages are I dont know. Hence, ill wait to hear from others before casting a vote. You could always check the archives to get an idea.


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