J.Pietschmann wrote:

Simon Pepping wrote:

Summarizing, you mean that

1. the layout system should calculate the justification and add
   corresponding word and space areas to the area tree;

Eh, not quite. The problem is that the actual justification can
only be done after page number citations have been resolved.

Justification has now been implemented without the need for creating separate text areas for each word and without the renderer having to compute the split positions/spacing itself. Overall I'm rather pleased with Luca's solution. Although its yet to be applied to the postscript renderer, and it may not be so elegant there, because I'm not sure if postscript has commands for varying spaces between words.

However, I realise that justification doesnt work for page citations, or leaders. But as I have said before its great that it works for 90% of the text!



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