FOP Devs,

I would appreciate some advice. I have noticed that top/bottom borders dont work on regular blocks. This is because the PDF Renderer uses block.getWidth() to determine the length of the border lines. Here is a sinnper of Area Tree output:

<block width="138897" ipd="0" height="274960">
<block width="0" ipd="138897" height="250351">
<block width="0" ipd="138897" height="250351">
<block width="0" ipd="138897" height="22000">
<lineArea height="22000">
<text tsadjust="0" props="font-size:20000;font-family:F5;color:#000000;">Home Insurance</text>

Notice how ipd=0 for the top level (static content) block and then width and ipd swap around for regular fo:blocks. Question is, is this wrong, or should the PDF Renderer be changed to consider either IPD or width properties of block?

Thoughts will be appreciated.


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