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Hi Chris,

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> the markers are added to pageViewport in the BLM.addAreas method. Now my
> understanding is that addAreas are called once the BPs have been
> processed and the areas are about to be rendered. So how is this possible?
> Any thoughts will be appreciated?

Just gathering my thoughts here...

If I interpret the related code in BLM correctly, then the childLMs are all
created (and call their addAreas() ) after the first marker has been added
( line 265: addMarkers(true,true); )

addMarkers( true, true ); translates to
parentLM.addMarkerMap( markers, true, true ); (see
AbstractLayoutManager.java line 360 )

This latter stops at page-level, in PageLayoutManager, it becomes:
curPage.addMarkerMap( markers, true, true );

So, IIC, this makes it conceivable that a marker is added to page 1, then
subsequently the childLMs signal a BP, maybe breaking the page, but
certainly leaving the marker where it was initially added.

Maybe sheds some light on the situation. As to what needs to be done to fix
it... no particular idea for the moment.



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