One big problem: As soon as you use SVG, you're running Batik code which
makes heavy use of AWT. I think with three different approaches to solve
the headless problem this shouldn't be a big issue, even on AIX, right?

On 24.05.2004 07:20:05 Clay Leeds wrote:
> On the subject of running headless, my experience has been to pass it 
> off to POSTSCRIPT--which, again in my experience--runs fine headless. 
> Perhaps something can be 'learned' from that interaction? Maybe instead 
> of basing the implementation on AWT, it might make sense to base it 
> instead off of POSTSCRIPT. Alternatively, perhaps Type1 might 'require' 
> postscript? Dunno... just a thought...

Jeremias Maerki

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