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> I suppose that everyone has noticed this exchange on fop-user.
> Peter
> Mike Kellstrand wrote:
> > Mark,
> > 
> > I ran the PDF through Ghostscript and it looks like it is doing the 
> > I did notice that the same PDF printed in Ghostscript vs. Adobe print 
> > out with slightly different size fonts.    Arg!   :)

Is there a specific reason for this pointer?

If there is any doubt: font sizes are the same whereever you print out a 
- as long as the PDF viewer application and the printer(driver) work 
and the user hasn't made any mistake.

Possible causes for this kind of problem:

1. The printer (or emulator) does not use exactly the same font, but a 
with differing metrics. GhostScript default fonts are not perfectly 
with the metrics of the Adobe base fonts - that goes at least for 
version from about a year ago.

2. This is a variation of 1. Improper setting of font match settings in 
printer driver options. Using device fonts in PCL printing is especially
dangerous as many drivers then don't handle Z-order or font color 
correctly in
addition to having device fonts with metrics that match only to 95% or so.

3. The user has made a mistake (page/paper scaling options if the Acrobat 
dialog, like fit to page, etc.).

4. The PostScript printer (or emulation) or the printer driver is buggy. 
Kyocera PS emulation is a little shaky in my experience - though not 
font sizes or metrics regarding the base fonts.

We have done lots and lots of PDF and PostScript output for a bunch 
with an output of several 100.000 pages per month (by the way: more than 
of these still done with FOP) and using dozens of different printers, and 
a number of fonts (base fonts as well as others). Any font size or metric
problems during the last years regarding PDFs or PSes could be resolved to 
of the 4 reasons - most popular is 3.

Hope this resolves any doubt you might have.


Arnd Bei▀ner
Cappelino Informationstechnologie GmbH

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