Clay Leeds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote 28.05.2004 17:57:59:

> The nice thing about this, is that one could set up parameters (stored 
> in config files), to help determine how the output would be rendered. 
> The 'holder' could consult the config file to determine how to proceed.
> Among the items in the config file:
> - minimum margins (t r b l)
> - acceptable fonts
> - font re-mapping?
> - definition of the 'any' font when font not found

> There could also be separate sections based on the renderer, so 
> Postscript output could add job-control/paper-tray selection 
> information as well.

Yes, sure. The only thing I would still want is that you dont't 
*have to* specify all this, and also that it's possible to have
a per-document paramterization for that. Config file only is not
feasible in many environments. I often tend to think of an FO
stream as a "job to process", not a document. A job should be
able to contain everything necessary.

> OT:
> I thought Italy was the place with the largest 'organization' of ideas 
> :-)

Used to be. They outsourced all of that to a company with a CEO named
Berlusconi if I remember correctly. 8-)
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