I'm glad we get some wind back into the Batik project. This makes this
whole process a lot easier (at least emotionally).

As promised, although again with some delay, I've found time to prepare
the draft charter. It's available for discussion at [1]. I've
highlighted two points that we need to discuss. Basically, I've modified
the Xerces draft and adjusted it (thanks to the Xerces people. I hope
you don't mind.) The draft resolution [2] is updated with an additional
point that the Xerces people have added to their draft (Transfer of
responsibilities from XML to XML graphics).

The Xerces people put all their active committers automatically into the
PMC. So question number one: Should we do that, too? I don't think this
is a bad idea. What do you people think about this and what are the
arguments for and against?

Question number two is about commit rights. I guess we will keep a
separate set of committers for Batik and FOP and will create a common
space available to all committers when it comes to developing joint
components (like the PDF and PS transcoders). Is everybody ok with this
or should we discuss merging the set of committers the same way that the
Xerces draft outlines (see [4], chapter 8.2)?

Please, if anyone has anything to add or modify please do so directly in
the draft. The document is under version control so we will see what's
modified. Please continue discussion on [EMAIL PROTECTED] I ask
every Batik and FOP committer who hasn't already done so to subscribe to
this mailing list.

What remains to do?
- Decide on open points (see above)
- Raise any concerns about the current course of action.
- Finalize both the resolution and charter (although the latter is not a
prerequisite for the PMC to be created AFAIK)
- Propose candidates for the chair (and vote on one)
- Fill in the names of the initial PMC and its chair into the board
resolution draft.
- Present the proposal to the board (after a positive vote on the whole

Let's get this over with within the next couple of weeks.


Jeremias Maerki

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