Great, this makes for an excellent system design
document that we can refine over time.  I'm also happy
you have it done in Docbook.  We're doing it right the
first time that way.

I'd like to see it incorporated, in Docbook format, on
our site.  Tapestry has already managed Forrest and
Docbook together

Before doing so, it would probably be good if you
could look at our System design pages
(, if you
haven't already, and add to your document anything
from them that is still relevant and useful but
missing from your document.

That way, when we add your document to our website, we
can rid of the system design pages.  (Most of them are
obsolete with the changing architecture anyway.)  That
way, we will just have one official Docbook-based
document to maintain.


--- Simon Pepping <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I finished my documentation of the FOP architecture
> and code. Well,
> more or less; this is version 0.9. Maybe I'll add a
> short introduction
> or some such. See
> How can this be contributed to the FOP website? The
> documentation
> consists of a number of Docbook 4.2 XML files. Could
> this be part of
> the wiki? Or could it be in CVS?
> Regards, Simon
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