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On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 11:54:10AM -0700, Clay Leeds wrote:
> Looks pretty good. As you indicated, there are a few areas to be 
> improved (e.g., 'TO BE IMPROVED" and 'no data' sections), and some 

I spent quite some time to this documentation. The chapter on
properties took quite a bit more work than I expected. Now I want to
take a break. I will look at those passages later.

> issues with formatting (I think they're related to the 
> text-align='justify' setting--perhaps the document would read better 
> with default (i.e., 'left') justification?), but by and large this 

I suppose you refer to the section titles like
'LineLayoutManager.getNextBreakPoss'. I noticed that these can be
mended using hyphenate="false", but it is hard to specify that through
DocBook. I think I will change those titles, and set text-align="left"
for the section titles. Otherwise I am quite pleased with the
> looks like it will be a valuable addition to the FOP arsenal! One other 
> addition I'd like to see is that the fo:region-before include the 
> Chapter '#' in addition to the Title.

I will see if I can customize the DocBook style sheets to do
that. There are a few other things that may benefit from

Regards, Simon

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