We allow--and have for many years--for input
processing of FO documents in the form of DOM trees. 
Several months back I created an example [1] of a
"Hello World" FO document to show how this
functionality might be used.

The (well-written) classes which provide this
functionality, tools.DocumentReader and
tools.DocumentInputSource [2], date to March 2001 when
it was factored out of code in Apps.Driver.  The
original code in Driver that provided this
functionality predates 2000, when original author
James Tauber was coding FOP [3].

But does anyone generate FO documents via DOM Trees
anymore?  This style of coding appears to come from
the days that SAX wasn't as well known as DOM.  The
example I gave would be very cumbersome and
hard-to-maintain for any non-trivial sized FO
document.  Although one potential use could be reading
an FO file into a DOM Tree, navigating the tree, and
manipulating its values, it would appear the standard
today in these cases would be to just use xsl:param
and setParameter() as here [4].

If this style of coding is obsolete, I would like to
remove this functionality from our API in HEAD--we can
return it back fairly easily if we start getting hate
mail as FOP 1.0 solidifies and gets more use. In
addition to removing the two classes above, it would
also allow me to simplify/streamline apps.Driver a bit
more, and I can also remove my example given on the
Embed page.






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