I am getting a XML parsing error from weblogic.apache.xerces when I parse a
document which contains accented characters.

This is what I am doing
1) Some database columns have accented data for spanish,japanese etc
like NÃmero de identificaÃÃo: and nÃmero de identificaciÃn.

2) I am reading this data and creating a XML file using some processing and
then writing the file on the disc using weblogic.xml.stream.XMLOutputStream
flush() method.

3) Then I am using FOP to render this XML in PDF. In the rendering process
the weblogic.apache.xerces.XMLparser gets called to parse the XML. Here the
parser throws a org.xml.sax.SAXParserException ( An invalid XML character
(Unicode: 0xfa) was found in the element content of the document).

I was under the impression that XMLParser should take care of the accented
characters. When I open the XML file which I created in XML SPY I see "box"
characters like "cliente  nï de identificaciò".

Please let me know how should i handle my code here.



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