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> gmazza      2004/07/12 17:16:22
>   Log:
>   1.) Combined the AreaTree and FOTreeHandler into a new AreaTreeHandler
>   object.  FOTreeHandler was primarily acting as an AreaTreeHandler,
>   and AreaTree had a 1-to-1 relationship with it.  Comments most welcome.

This change seems to cross the border between FO tree and area tree. 

AreaTree had no reference to the fo package (apart from a reference to
fo.extensions). AreaTreeHandler extends a class in the fo package and
refers to fo/PageSequence.

FOInputHandler implements a number of methods of the SAX
contenthandler, which is between the fo file and the FO tree. The area
package now inherits these methods. AreaTreeHandler throws
SAXExceptions. This is a parser based exception type.

FOTreeHandler.endPageSequence is the FO tree's activation of a new
episode of area tree building. Now the area tree activates itself,
based on an event in the FO tree.

I believe this change violates the separation between the FO tree and
the area tree. I think that separation is a good idea and should be

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
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