Correction: Only after sending this I saw that Jörg voted for me on
fop-dev.[EMAIL PROTECTED]&msgNo=9100

On 14.07.2004 22:44:03 Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Time's up. Here are the results of the vote for the XML Graphics PMC
> chair.
> 4 votes for Jeremias Maerki (by Christian Geisert, Clay Leeds, Simon
> Pepping, Chris Bowditch)
> 1 vote for Peter B. West (by Glen Mazza)
> 3 abstained (Peter B. West, Jeremias Maerki, Thomas DeWeese)
> 1 XML Graphics PMC member didn't vote (Jörg Pietschmann)
> Archive link:
>[EMAIL PROTECTED]&by=thread&from=818859
> Looks like I get the job. Thank you for the confidence.
> The Board's next meeting is on July 21. I'll fill the names into the
> resolution proposal and send them the request for TLP shortly. After
> that I'll see what needs to be done. Top priority will be the charter 
> (again) I guess.

Jeremias Maerki

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