I can see Jeremias' argument for a single pattern to deal with all
situations, but I am pleased to see the SAX solution illustrated by an
example in this simplest case of all.

Perhaps it is a good idea to illustrate the transformer solution in
ExampleFO2PDF, and the outlying SAX parser solution in

Regards, Simon

On Thu, Jul 15, 2004 at 08:59:21PM -0700, Glen Mazza wrote:
> Thanks, Simon--I didn't think of this way of solving
> the problem--I just modified Jeremias' previous DOM
> example. However, I placed the method below
> temporarily in the example and committed it before
> returning to the Transformer version.  This way, we
> have a working example should we ever need to document
> this style (perhaps on a web page, so users are at
> least aware of it) in the future.
> Glen

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