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> Glen,
> I've had some interest in the renderer, in fact some
> enhancement requests!

Yes, there's a lot of interest in this renderer,
apparently, and with the more publicity, the more that
that will increase.

> The renderer currently supports raster fonts (these
> tend to be the most
> widely used) however I have a request to add outline
> font capability, which
> should be straight forward.

Be careful that you're working within the framework of
XSL (i.e., using the relevant properties for this.)

> Rather than keep adding files to the patch, I'll
> create a project on
> SourceForge. I'll use this to add enhancements and
> also migrate the code to
> 1.0 when a more stable build is available.

Sounds very good.  Please learn the 1.0 rendering
system as well--something I'm vague on--to help with
porting it over.

> I'd still like to see this renderer in the
> mainstream project, so this will
> give me a nursery area to enhance the renderer until
> you feel it appropriate
> to include the renderer in your code base. 

We can include a link on our resources page.  We're
not too motivated to continue with 0.20.x series, it
has "keep" property problems.

> Once I have SourceForge project established I'd be
> grateful if you could add
> a link from the FOP pages.

Sure, that's what we have Web Maestro for.  We don't
pay him the big bucks for nothing!  (Actually, we
don't pay him anything, but thankfully he hasn't
seemed to notice that yet. ;)


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