Pete Townsend wrote: 

> I've had some interest in the renderer, in fact some 
> enhancement requests!
> The renderer currently supports raster fonts (these tend to 
> be the most widely used) however I have a request to add 
> outline font capability, which should be straight forward.
> Rather than keep adding files to the patch, I'll create a 
> project on SourceForge. I'll use this to add enhancements and 
> also migrate the code to 1.0 when a more stable build is available.

You are welcome to create a project on SourceForge, but one of the purposes
of FOray is to provide a home for these things, if possible. I haven't had a
chance to look at your patch, but it interests me, especially since I am
focusing on font work ATM, and am interested to know whether the approach I
have taken will be flexible enough to deal with the AFP fonts. The short
answer is that I intend to use AFM files to provide font metrics for
raster/bitmap fonts, just to limit the number of parsers that we have to
have. However, if you already have another scheme working, I'll be glad to
see how we can make them fit.

If that helps you at all, please let me know (off-list), and I'll take a
look at your code and see if we can find a way to work together. The
splinters are sometimes necessary, but the fewer of them we have, the
better. I apologize that I haven't had time to look at your patch already.

Victor Mote

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