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gmazza      2004/09/19 11:46:51

Modified: src/java/org/apache/fop/area
Removed: src/java/org/apache/fop/fo
1.) Removed unused getTitle() within AreaTreeModel; I believe can be obtained
from fo.pagination.PageSequence object where needed.

PageSequence is an FO node. It can at best provide the title FO
node. getTitle() provides the Title area. Perhaps it is there for the
convenience of renderers?

Good point--I just returned it. (Although I would prefer moving the title area calculation code from AreaTreeHandler to AreaTreeModel--I would rather ATH not get burdened with this type of detail.)

2.) Combined AbstractCharIterator and CharIterator interface into single
abstract CharIterator class.

Don't you believe in the separation of Interface and abstract
implementing superclass? If AbstractCharIterator adds nothing to the
interface, it is better to remove this abstract superclass. It does
implement a few methods, though.

Most certainly, with LayoutManager and Renderer and in other advanced instances. Not in every possible theoretical case, however; I chose simplicity here though due to the limited external usage and smallness of the classes.


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