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In the rest of the elements, the set of fields matches the spec. The only exception is a bug where the some of the inline LayoutManagers uses "vertical-align" which is a shorthand. The layoutmanagers should instead use the properties that the shorthand sets: alignment-baseline, alignment-adjust, baseline-shift and dominant-baseline. But since only one of these properties has been implemented yet, I choose to keep the use of "vertical-align" for now.

When I look at the FOP Compliance page, I see a couple of items which are implemented (I assume this page is in reference to the 0_20_2-maintain CVS branch--I am I correct in this assumption?).

alignment-adjust - no

alignment-baseline - no

baseline-shift - partial (see * below)
* Only values "super" and "sub" have been implemented.

display-align - yes - (partial extended conformance--see ** below)
** Implemented only for table-cell and block-container.
** For table-cell, the "height" attribute must be set for the parent table-row; setting the height of the table or the table-cell results in vertical centering having no effect.

dominant-baseline - no

relative-align - yes - no

Which of the alignment-* property is the one you're referring to that has been implemented?

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