Thanks for the update, Victor. I absolutely want to have a look at this.
So this is really the foundation to make Type 1 fonts available on the
fly without generating font metric XML files by hand. Very cool.

It'll be fun to see if I can get some basic ops working to paint some
simple shapes to a Graphics2D interface.

On 07.10.2004 03:54:33 Victor Mote wrote:
> FWIW, the FOray PostScript interpreter is now able to successfully parse any
> Type 1 font that I have thrown at it, store the data structures, and
> retrieve them. This includes the ability to parse the encrypted portion of
> the font, whether in binary or ASCII hexadecimal.
> The FOray font package is therefore now able to correctly gather the
> FontBBox and StemV values for a PDF. (The ItalicAngle has also been elusive
> -- it is actually in the PFM file under the name etmSlant. The FOray package
> now parses and uses it as well.) I think this means that all of the elusive,
> estimated pieces are now correctly computed using 1) either a PFA or PFB
> file and 2) a PFM file.
> This will also help in future subsetting work, and font embedding
> enhancements (like converting ASCII hex fonts to binary to make the file
> smaller).
> Since the parsing takes some extra time and memory, I may need to provide
> ways to cripple or partially cripple this process for users who don't want
> to pay that much for the benefit.
> An AFM parser is still needed, primarily so that users can conveniently
> override values if they need to. But I think the backwards-compatible
> ability to not require an AFM file is nice.
> The PostScript parser itself is pretty rudimentary. After pulling the errors
> and obvious non-operator items out of the list, there appear to be 352
> operators for Level 2 compliance. I have only implemented 42 of them so far.
> However, a lot of the brain-bending part of the design work is done, and I
> think it should be a good starting place for other PostScript-related
> projects, like EPS conversion. Here is the ViewCVS link to the
> PSInterpreter:
> y/ps/
> The other files are in the same directory.
> I'll probably leave it alone until I need more from it, but I wanted to
> update Jeremias and anyone else who is interested.
> Victor Mote

Jeremias Maerki

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