Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> So this is really the foundation to make Type 1 fonts 
> available on the fly without generating font metric XML files 
> by hand. Very cool.

Actually, FOray eliminated the intermediate font metric XML files several
months ago, and parses the TTF, PFM, PFA, and PFB files on-the-fly. I'll try
to add an AFM parser in the next few days, and then I think we'll have the
best of all worlds -- you can hand-tune an AFM file if you want to, but
otherwise, just use the files that ship with the font. We may have some
performance/memory issues that result from this, but I think the code is set
up to accommodate some configuration items after I start getting some
feedback about what people want.

BTW, I want to compliment the people that wrote the original font code.
There was really a large amount of good and useful code in there. I spent
several months refactoring it to make it cleaner and easier to use, but I
came out *way* ahead of starting over again. My current theory about
open-source development is that, because so many people work on it, it
evolves into something that is a bit convoluted. Every once in a while, you
need a refactoring cycle to clean it up (really to impose or reimpose a
design after-the-fact). My current theory also includes the idea that nobody
really wants to do that work, because it isn't very much fun, and because it
is hard to see an immediate benefit. Anyway, my compliments to Tore and
Jeremias and the many others who wrote the base code.

Victor Mote

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