That's a good idea. I don't think RenderX could do anything against us
adding such a similar feature, unless they have a patent filed on that
particular feature which will (hopefully!!!) be difficult. Sooner or
later we will need something like that. Dave White is quite right to ask
for an extension to control trays. It would be cool to add tray infos
and similar things to page masters.

In the end it will probably have to result in something similar as EXSLT
where for widely accepted features a common syntax is defined. BTW, if I
remember correctly.....ah yes:

On 09.10.2004 15:33:35 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Incidentally, RenderX has a nice extension called
> rx:meta-info that holds the PDF document information
> of Author, Producer, Title, etc.  We provide that
> functionality programmatically to the user by
> providing methods in FOUserAgent, but the RenderX
> method seems better because nondevelopers can use it
> as well.
> I wonder if FOP should switch to a fox:metadata
> element, that can store these parameters, and also
> possibly allow in the future for additional elements
> such as the PS settings Dave White needs below. 
> (However, in order to limit spaghetti code, I would
> rather we not support both an extension element and
> setting methods in FOUserAgent for any given
> property--choose one or the other for each property.) 
> Thoughts?
> Also, if RenderX has an extension called
> rx:create-widget, are we allowed to create a
> fox:create-widget, or we can but only if we name it
> something else:  e.g., fox:construct-widget?  Has
> anyone discussed this before?  I think we need a
> Lawyer Maestro here... ;)

Jeremias Maerki

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