Hi Clay:

I was looking at the compliance page on a totally unrelated topic, and
noticed that the property "font-variant" (Sec. 7.8.8) is listed as "no".
When it is convenient, that should probably be changed to "partial" with
comments similar to the following:

1. "True small-caps (glyph substitution) is not supported. However, faux
small-caps is supported, i.e. lower-case glyphs are shown as their
corresponding upper-case glyphs, but at a smaller point size."

2. "[Workaround] For fonts that have true small-caps in a separate font,
true small-caps can be achieved through your stylesheet. Use a different
<strong>font-family</strong> to point to the true small-caps font instead of
using <strong>font-variant</strong>."

It may also be worth announcing the doc change on fop-user. Let me know if
you have any questions. Thanks.

Victor Mote

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