Clay Leeds wrote:

> Unfortunately, I still have a few problems (see [1]), 
> including a rather gaping hole in the FOP Compliance page (it 
> doesn't show *any* content--d'oh!). I'm also working on some 


> Actually, if you could help me a bit to figure out what 
> happened with the compliance page, that might help me 
> understand more about that page, and the system used to 
> output its rather complicated table.

First, I hope my comment wasn't considered a nag. I just wanted to pop that
documentation change off of my stack.

Second, the new web site is smokin' hot.

OK. The compliance page uses a different DTD than any of the other pages:

One possibility to consider is changing it to the standard format. That is
probably possible, but you may have to give some things up to get it done.
My recollection is that I always decided it was worth it to use the
non-standard way. Also, the standard DTD may be better now than it was.

A different DTD means that it must use a different stylesheet also. This is
likely the crux of the problem. The process of telling Forrest/Cocoon about
the compliance stylesheet is probably broken. The easiest solution is
probably to ask on the Forrest user list. They were always extremely helpful
in solving these problems. When I was working with Forrest, it required a
decent understanding of Cocoon, but their newer versions might hide some of
that. Look in one of the "sitemap" files (sorry -- I don't remember which
one is the
current one):

In each you'll see a section entitled "FOP Additions" (line 295 in
sitemap.xmap, and line 257 in sitemap-0.5.xmap). That shows you the location
of the stylesheets as well (there is another entry later for the to-pdf
stylesheet). Find out where the equivalent sitemap for the new version is
and how to mimic the logic that is here.

That's about all I can think of to tell you. Good luck.

Victor Mote

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