Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

> Victor, IIC, Jeremias' concern is about the PDF lib in HEAD 
> containing substantial improvements over the code in the 
> maintenance branch. One aspect that springs to mind is WRT 
> encryption support --as I recall, maintenance still had some 
> problems with this, for instance, when using custom fonts...
> Jeremias once mentioned that, in order to make it work 
> properly, he had to make significant changes to the PDF-related code.

Yes, I am well aware that there are improvements to HEAD in several places,
and that FOray will be missing those for the moment. I fully intend to
eventually integrate the HEAD improvements into FOray, but 1) it is
non-trivial, 2) I have bigger issues ATM (still trying to get FOTree
isolated), and 3) I don't want to do much until I either have to, or until
FOP decides how it will proceed -- if FOP decides to start with FOray's
isolation work and upgrade to HEAD, then it might be a joint effort. If FOP
decides to isolate HEAD's PDF lib directly, and if they use a common
interface (like aXSL), then I shouldn't duplicate that effort in FOray, I
should just wait until FOP is done with that work and drop it into FOray. If
FOP doesn't want PDF isolated, or has no interest in using a common
interface, then I'm not part of the picture at all.

My main point to Jeremias is that none of this has anything to do with
building an interface that everyone can use, except that: 1) FOray already
has the interface at least partially designed by virtue of isolating the PDF
code, and 2) making an interface *before* starting isolation work is a big
help in that work.

Victor Mote

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