On Nov 9, 2004, at 11:58 AM, Simon Pepping wrote:
On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 01:43:51PM -0800, Clay Leeds wrote:
I suspect this could be a problem for the Forrest site-generation

  Specifying menus with book.xml

  Historically, menus in Forrest have been generated from a
  book.xml file, one per directory. This mechanism is
  still available, and if a book.xml is found, it will be
  used in preference to the menu generated by the site.xml
  file. The book.xml  files can use "site:" URIs to ease
  the maintenance burden  that led to obsolescence of
  book.xml files. In general, however, we recommend that
  users avoid book.xml files.

Is it possible for you to rename that file so it doesn't conflict? (I'm
hoping it is trivial for you to change that file name. Perhaps
fop-=dni-book.xml or something). If not, I'll see if I can come up with
some other solution, although my guess is that any workaround will
preclude it from having the same look & feel as the rest of the FOP web

A shame; I thought book.xml was the right name for this file. Renamed to DnI.xml.


Perhaps it is the correct name for the file. IMHO, perhaps forrest should pre-pend for_ in front of filenames (e.g., for_book.xml, for_site.xml, for_tabs.xml, etc.) like this to prevent this types of problems. Forrest already was having problems where they were using 'site.xml' and outputting "site.html" and 'site.pdf' (they changed the latter two to "wholesite.html" and "wholesite.pdf"...).

Anyway, thanks for making the change. It means that the DnI stuff can be skinned (as I mentioned previously, the book.xml in there made forrest think that it had it's own 'book.xml' file for that directory, so it wouldn't use site.xml file (which defines the site navigation structure).

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