--- Simon Pepping <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think it is a hook for doing those initialization
> actions which for
> some reason cannot be done in the constructor. I
> have no idea which
> actions that could be. 

Even if a few such actions exist--I don't know any
yet--I'm thinking those can still be activated
internally by the LM, prior to the LM being "used",
where "used" is LM-specific.  Since so few of these
methods are implemented with initialization code
anyway, I should be able to find out soon.

> If you can move all required
> actions for a new
> LM object into the constructor, I have no objection
> to the removal of
> this method.

I think I can (or very similar)--and if it turns out
to be needed again for fo:markers as Andreas was
thinking (I don't know if it was related to this, but
it is possible)--we can place it right back in--but
this time, with comments indicating what for and why
needed, and maybe with a more descriptive name --
"activateForMarkerUsage()" or something like that.



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