Jeremias Maerki wrote: 

> I finally downloaded the Foray code yesterday because I 
> thought it might be fun to write that implementation already. 
> I didn't invest a lot of time but I got confused about the 
> mixture of Foray and FOP code. Didn't really know where to 
> start. But that's another story. I should probably look 
> harder. Anyway, I got a renewed itch now to look at the PS 
> interpreter. :-)

The code in the fop-maint branch is code that has not yet been peeled off
into a FOray module. All of it eventually will be. The case of the "app"
module, which will eventually contain the API that you are looking for is in
an especially bad state ATM. I renamed the CLI class "Fop" to FOray and also
moved it into the FOray "apps" package (it seemed especially confusing to
ask users to start Foray from either a class or package with "fop" in its
name). However, all of the other related classes still live on the fop-maint
side. So the main class you are looking for is, but if
you follow in a debugger, you will quickly be over in
org.apache.fop.apps.Starter, and most of the rest of that package will look
pretty similar to FOP's maintenance branch. The reason for this state is
that I want to make major changes to that outer layer of the API, but it
won't get done until I get a bit further along in getting the FOTree peeled
off. I hope that helps.

If you try to use FOray ATM, you may get errors on properties, which is also
currently in an ugly state, half using the old scheme and half using the new
scheme. I am not aware of any actual errors ATM, but there almost certainly
are. My general advice would be to wait until I have it in a beta quality
state again, but the other option is just to let me know if a bug is causing
you problems.

Victor Mote

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