Silly confirmation question here -- is the 1.1 XSL
Spec's fo:bookmark-tree, fo:bookmark, and
fo:bookmark-title [1] basically the same thing as our
fox:bookmarks, fox:outline, and fox:title,
respectively?   (i.e., they're for off-document PDF
bookmarks?)  Its mandated location [2] in the FO is
the same place where our fox: equivalents are.  (The
only issue giving me pause is that fo:bookmark
apparently generates inline areas according to the
spec [3], i.e., it appears to be something that is
*on* the document.)

Anyway, if they're equivalent, I would like to bring
these three 1.1 elements in (I'm guessing a new
pagination.bookmarks package, we can move it around
later) and drop our fox: equivalents.  Backwards
compatibility with 0.20.5 is already broken because of
the addition of fox:bookmarks in 1.0, as well as the
enforced validation scheme, so we can fortunately
focus on the best design here.

There is a differing namespace issue that will need to
be taken care of eventually but I think we can tend to
that afterwards without much hassle.  (We can handle
it now, if anyone has ideas.)  My primary goal for the
moment is to pull out our bookmark extension elements
and put in the official XSL elements (even if 1.1)

Thoughts?  Objections?



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