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> the XSL 1.1 WD, but since that's all it is ATM, a
> 'Working Draft', changing
> their namespace might be a bit premature (?[*]),

They're coming very close (I suspect in a few weeks at
the latest) to having a "Last Call" version--would it
be acceptable for you at that stage?  I don't mind
waiting a little longer.

> unless we have some
> certainty WRT when it's going to be approved and
> will get the status of
> 'Recommendation'.

I'm more comfortable with Last Call.  Last Call ->
Recommendation I suspect incurs lots of bureaucratic
delays while having few changes to the spec itself.  

At any rate, we can always drop and add XSL-NS FO
elements and properties as the spec itself is
modified.  Indeed, it's frequently the implementation
of these FO's that allows for feedback that causes
changes in the spec to occur.

> Changing the names: +1
> ... the namespace: -1
> Greetz,
> Andreas
> [*] Surely someone here will remember MS's 'blunder'
> when they adopted an
> XSL-WD as a 'standard' too quickly...

Well we can also lose in the other direction.  The
main question appears to be what's the percentage
chance of the 1.1 bookmark XSL FO's being dropped at
this stage?  If < 10-20%, perhaps best to switch now
and accept a 10-20% chance of needing to change our
code later, rather than keep it in the fox: NS and
have an 80-90% chance of needing to change it later to
the fo: NS.  


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