Hmm, sorry, I didn't take into account that this address could be
properly subscribed. I wonder how they did this because I don't think
PayPal would use such an address to monitor our mailing lists. Very
strange. I don't think it makes sense to moderate all messages.

Thanks for unsubscribing the other guy. And I'll see to it that I get
added as moderator.

On 14.12.2004 12:18:53 Christian Geisert wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > Moderators,
> > please be a bit more careful. This seems to be a phishing attempt. Also,
> Hey, I'm innocent ;-|
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] was subscribed to fop-dev (unsubscribed now) so there
> wasn't much I could have done as a moderator.
> The same mail for fop-user ended up as moderation message in my junk folder.
> To prevent this in future we could change to subscription moderation or
> moderate all messages (doh).
> > on fop-user there's that annoying "Webmaster at alacuisine dot net" that
> Unsubscribed.
> > continues to get through. I volunteer to act as additional moderator if
> > desired.
> Another moderator is always good thing.

Jeremias Maerki

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