bonjour fop-devs

bertrand delacretaz told me you might welcome some help on fop. I
would be pleased to contribute.

*** why fop ***
- i'm very interested in xml and java
- i believe in open-source and wish to contribute to a project
- bertrand told me you were a good team

*** me ***
you can get my background at

*** documentation ***
please could you tell me about the state of the following documentations:
- this documentation refers to 0.20, right?
- cvs/... /xdocs/DnI: simon, thanks a lot for your xdoc DnI, it really
helped me diving into the code. some parts of it have changed. i
started to update it and made a patch for chapter 4.1 , you can find
it attached to bug 33126. if it's useful for you, i'll continue.
- fop-wiki (
seems pretty up to date. please tell me if  FOPProjectTasks and
FOPWorkEstimates are up to date.
- are there some more key-docs?

*** plans ***
(thinking loud)
i plan to start with some documentation update. i see there is a brand
new site at to do.
what about rtf-rendering? is peter herweg still active on it?
i'm open, so please give me some hints on where i could start

as i am pretty new to open-source developpment, please let me know if
i'm doing things the right way.

have a nice weekstart
greetings from switzerland

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