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On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 11:46:10PM +0100, Renaud Richardet wrote:
> *** documentation ***
> please could you tell me about the state of the following documentations:
> - xml.apache.org/fop/dev: this documentation refers to 0.20, right?

dev/implement.html is a short writeup of the then plans for FOP
HEAD. When you see layout managers mentioned, it is about FOP HEAD.

design/index.html is Keiron Liddle and Karen Lease's documentation at
the start of the work on FOP HEAD. Much of it is still relevant.

> - cvs/... /xdocs/DnI: simon, thanks a lot for your xdoc DnI, it really
> helped me diving into the code. some parts of it have changed. i
> started to update it and made a patch for chapter 4.1 , you can find
> it attached to bug 33126. if it's useful for you, i'll continue.

I am glad it helped you. I wrote it previous winter, and have not
documented the changes of last summer. During that time Glen
restructured the top level of FOP. Finn restructured the properties

You are welcome to contribute to the documentation, both making it up
to date again, and filling the gaps. I am about to rebuild my
system. After it is up and running again, I will have a look at your

> - fop-wiki (http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/FOPProjectPages)
> seems pretty up to date. please tell me if  FOPProjectTasks and
> FOPWorkEstimates are up to date.

A few weeks ago I published some updates to the documentation on the
wiki, see

> - are there some more key-docs?
> *** plans ***
> (thinking loud)
> i plan to start with some documentation update. i see there is a brand
> new site at xmlgraphics.apache.org/ to do.
> what about rtf-rendering? is peter herweg still active on it?
> i'm open, so please give me some hints on where i could start

Regards, Simon

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