I am having difficulty understanding how the dual column layout is
implemented in FOP.

Scenario 1:
I set the property column-count="2" on my fo:region-body object. As such the
text appears in dual column format. If I have the page totally filled out,
then everything seems to be fine. But if my document does not contain enough
text (usually the last page in my document), the text does not seem to be
evenly distributed in both the columns. It first tries to fill the left
column and then tries to fill the right column if there is an additional
text. If this page is the last page and we don't have any additional text,
the renderer should try to distribute it evenly on both columns. That is the
behavior I have seem on other viewers.

Scenario 2:
If I keep switching between dual and single columns on the same page ( using
the span="all" property on an fo:block within a page), the distribution
between the columns seems to be happening but does not happen accurately. I
see more text on the left hand column than on the right hand column. Doing
this would leave additional blank space on the right hand column before we
switch to single column layout.

Can someone help me in understanding this behavior and if there is anything
I can do to fix it?

Kumar Puppala

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