Thanks for your response. Is the algorithm for column-balancing
going to be change in the next release to make it work more accurately? 

Kumar Puppala

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Puppala, Kumar (LNG-DAY) wrote:
> I am having difficulty understanding how the dual column layout is
> implemented in FOP.
> Scenario 1:
> I set the property column-count="2" on my fo:region-body object. As such
> text appears in dual column format. If I have the page totally filled out,
> then everything seems to be fine. But if my document does not contain
> text (usually the last page in my document), the text does not seem to be
> evenly distributed in both the columns. It first tries to fill the left
> column and then tries to fill the right column if there is an additional
> text.

As mandated by the spec.

> If this page is the last page and we don't have any additional text,
> the renderer should try to distribute it evenly on both columns. That is
> behavior I have seem on other viewers.

This can be forced by adding an empty block with span="all" at the
end of the flow.

> Scenario 2:
> If I keep switching between dual and single columns on the same page (
> the span="all" property on an fo:block within a page), the distribution
> between the columns seems to be happening but does not happen accurately.
> see more text on the left hand column than on the right hand column. Doing
> this would leave additional blank space on the right hand column before we
> switch to single column layout.

This is due to a simple algorithm for balancing. Getting column
balancing even somewhat right is quite complicated.


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