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Jeremias Maerki wrote:


I don't share his opinion on point 3 because whenever we have
a change in reference-orientation we also have a new
reference-area which establishes a new coordinate system. So
I don't think it will be complicated to calculate the right
coordinates. But I may be wrong.


Hi Jeremias:

It is fascinating to me how many times you and I happen to be working on
exactly the same issue, as we are right now. FWIW, the FOray approach is as
follows: Areas do not store any location information at all. The only size
information stored is a "progressionDimension" value and a value for the
resolved "anteriorSpace". This is enough information, however, for each Area
to compute and return to the Renderer where it should be rendered. Every
Area either is or has an ancestor area that knows intrinsically what its
location is just from its properties. Every Area knows its own IPD and BPD.
So by considering the progressionDimension and anteriorSpace (the resolved
value of space-before/after or space-start/end) of other Areas already
stacked in the containing Area, any Area knows its location.


If these comments are not helpful, please let me know. I don't mean to
generate noise -- I just like to support good ideas when I see them.

Victor Mote

I just wanted to say, that I'm impressed with your ability and desire to continue working with us Victor. I was disappointed with your decision to go your own way (foray out on your own as it were ;-)), but I think that we are all really benefitting from the experience... I am grateful that you continue to contribute to the FOP community, and look forward to your continued contributions. Occasionally there will be growing pains, as we figure out what our relationship is... I sincerely hope that we can some day find a way to bring your work back into the Apache FOP fold (either in some sort of renderer or modular sort of way or... who knows.

Thanks for being here!

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