Hi Jeremias,

I have errors with the layoutengine test files, for example:

Expected XPath expression to evaluate to 'line-through', but got 'li'
(XPath: //flow/block[3]/lineArea/inlineparent[1]/text)

This is due to the fact that the text may be split over more than one
text area. Indeed, whether I get the error depends on which parser
version I use; different parsers may produce different arrangements of
text over text areas.

If you change the test to:

    <eval expected="line-through" 

the error disappears. I think XObject.str() applies the XPath string
function, which returns the string-value of the first node. If you
evaluate the parent node 'inlineparent', you get the string-value of
all of its children, which is usually what you want to have.

There are many such cases in the test files. I think you should modify
all cases where you test on the content of a text area.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
home page: http://www.leverkruid.nl

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