As you might know I have successfully got the Japanese fonts to be displayed on PDF  by using the userconfig.xml file to load the MSGOTHIC.TTF fonts. In this case I was running a servlet which used FOP to convert the XML file on the webserver ( weblogic) to PDF and then open it using acrobat.
I want to do the same thing within an applet. A few months back I could use FOP within an applet to convert XML residing on the server to PDF and then send  the resulting PDF to the printqueue on the clients default printer. This works perfectly.
Now my question is I want FOP within the applet to recognize Japanese character sets. My approach is to have the userconfig.xml, msgothic.ttf and msgothic.xml ( font metrics ) files in the same jar file as the Applet itself. Would this work?
Can I just load the  userconfig.xml file from the jar file using the classloader and then call FOP ? I will be trying this next week and just wanted to know your opinion.

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