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I am using FOP 0.15 Version. The PDF files rendered by FOP gives junk charecters for double-byte languages like korea, japan etc.

FOP 0.15 is ancient. I am fairly confident that I can go as far to say it is unsupported. Please upgrade to 0.20.5.

When I search in the net I found that we need to edit userconfig.xml and needs to write the code to load the xml file using org.apache.fop.apps.Options java file.
When I searched in my disk, I could not find userconfig.xml, arial.xml (xml files for the fonts).
We packaged apache related jar files into one jar file. when I look into the jar file I could not find the class file with org.apache.fop.apps.Options and org.apache.fop.configuration.*;

Probably because you have a 4 year old version of FOP. The website and all our documentation refers to 0.20.5.

Is FOP 0.15 version supports Double byte languages or not? If supports, what are the steps i need to follow. Where can I get more information about FOP 0.15. Please help me in finding the solution for this.

BTW: the fop-dev mailing list is for developers talking about coding FOP. Questions on how to use fop should be directed at the fop-user mailing list. All the developers subscribe to both lists.


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