Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
Am I right that for a table-cell in collapsing border model the
conditional part of a <length-conditional> (ex. in border-before-width)
has no effect (i.e. is ignored)?

I would answer no, actually not exactly.
If I understand the spec correctly, the conditional part has an effect only if the generated area "begins" an ancestor reference area.
Let's take the example of border-before. If there is a cell before the current cell we don't care about the conditionality: we just have to chose between this border, the border-after of the preceding cell, and the border-after and border-before of the containing table-rows.
Now if the table has to be broken at the end of a page and the current cell begins a new page (and no border is specified for the table-row), in this case the conditionality has to be taken in consideration. Because the cell would be a leading edge in the normal-flow-reference-area of the page, as defined at the end of section 4.2.5, Stacking Constraints.

Does it answer your question? I may have missed something, I have not carefully studied this aspect of the spec nor the border-collapsing model.

Hope this helps,

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