On 22.02.2005 22:35:15 Renaud Richardet wrote:
> > So far, I can only say that there's so mandatory reason for that change.
> > It would certainly make the renderers simpler but there might be
> > problems in other areas. The real downside is when you have to do the
> > same calculations in every renderer.
> ok, that's what i was affraid of... but i understand that the area
> tree building is already enough complex.
> well, i'll base the Java2DRenderer on the pdf renderer. could someone
> tell me if it's stable enough (especially those tricky issues like
> reference-orientation and writing-mode  that i don't completely
> understand yet).

Well, the PDF Renderer is our reference renderer and it's the only one
that is currently actively maintained. I'll get to the PostScript
renderer later.

Just concentrate on the simple things first. No need to worry about the
writing mode already. The reference orientation is simple. It's just a
matter of getting the transformations right. Run the simple test cases
from the layout engine test suite and work from simple to more


Jeremias Maerki

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