Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> processing time and additional memory requirements. This 
> leads me to the question if we shouldn't actually implement 
> two page-breaking strategies (in the end, not both right 
> now). For a speed-optimized algorithm, we could even think 
> about ignoring side-floats.
> Obviously, in this model we would have to make sure that we 
> use a common model for both strategies. For example, we still 
> have to make sure that the line layout gets information on 
> the available IPD on each line, but probably this will not be 
> a big problem to include later.

This is an excellent idea. It has from time to time gone under the moniker
LayoutStrategy or pluggable layout. To do it without duplicating everything
requires that the other pieces of the system be modularized, the concerns
separated so that they can be reused. The upside is tremendous and the cost
pays for itself in developer productivity.

Victor Mote

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