--- Chris Bowditch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > 
> > As for the plan to implement a new page-breaking
> mechanism: I've got to
> > do it now. :-) I'm sorry if this may put some
> pressure on some of you.
> > I'm also not sure if I'm fit already to tackle it,
> but I've got to
> > do it anyway. Since I don't want to work with a
> series of patches like
> > you guys did earlier, I'd like to create a branch
> to do that on as soon
> > as we've agreed on a strategy. Any objections to
> that?
> If we are going to branch the code for this then we
> need to make sure we have 
> a plan to merge the branch back once we are
> confident in the new page breaking 
> algorithm. This plan (which should be agreed before
> branching takes place) 
> should include an acceptance procedure, e.g. will a
> single -1 be able to 
> prevent the code being merged back? We dont want to
> end up with another 
> alt-design, which eventually moved to source
> forge!!!
> Chris

Either way is fine with me, but Chris brings up a very
valid point.  If you can tolerate and keep up with my
minor code housekeeping from time to time in some of
the layout managers (currently mostly PSLM), feel free
to work from HEAD directly instead if you wish.


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