On 02.03.2005 17:05:55 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Yes, I'm not in Simon's league here--I know very
> little about TeX--so I'll defer to you two on this
> issue.

I'm also still struggling. :-)

>  Just try to make sure that the final algorithm
> will help us support the keep-* properties.

Yes, the algorithm MUST be able to handle full keep support (among other
things). That's part of why we need a new approach. The present one
doesn't quite fit the picture, yet. Thankfully, with the new design we
don't have to again rewrite the whole FOP. The present approach was very
good to point us in the right direction and most of the effort already
invested is not lost. We just have to improve a specific part.

Jeremias Maerki

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