if you follow the fop-dev mailing list you will realize that the
development has not come to a stand-still. It is true that the last
release is almost two years old. We're in a redesign phase which tries
to address exactly the issue of keeps among other things. The redesign
took a lot longer than anticipated. But we're on the right track so we
can start releasing again later this year, complete with keeps.

If you can't work around the missing keeps (they work on table-rows) and
you need an immediate solution you will need to switch to a different
solution for the time being.

I understand that IBM is quite big in the document business. It would be
very interesting if IBM committed to supporting FOP like they do for
other open source projects here at the Apache Software Foundation. As
far as I know IBM even has its own implementation of XSL-FO although I
don't know if it's actively maintained.

On 07.03.2005 16:27:33 Michael Iwaniewicz wrote:
> Dear FOP developers,
> we are a big sw-development and decidedrecently to change or old
> "bookmaster/afp" based print componentto XSL-FO. As part of our
> solution we started to use FOP but run into formattingproblems in the area of 
> the
> "keep-together" and "keep-with-next"options. 
> We got the impression that the FOP developmentcame to a kind of
> stand-still, since the current version is dated from2003. I just wanted
> to ask you if our impression is correct. We have nowto decide if we
> change from FOP to XEP or XSL-Formatter.
> Thanks for your help, Michael
> Michael Iwaniewicz
> CHIS Architecture
> Office: (43-1) 21145-6446
> Mobile:(43) (0) 664-618-5839

Jeremias Maerki

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