Relationship to which PDF renderer? The one that directly creates PDF 
(PDFRenderer) or the one that creates PDF through JPS (normal
PrintRenderer as defined in the Wiki painting to a Graphics2D instance
provided by JPS) using a StreamPrintService? That's the two choices.
Obviously, you will be taking the latter approach. If you wait a bit
(until the common components area is set up) you'll have a neatly
separated package to create PDF using JPS because I'll be publishing my
proof-of-concept JPS StreamPrintService which you can build on.

Hmm, this gives me another thing to talk about over in XML Graphics

On 09.03.2005 00:53:16 Peter B. West wrote:
> This approach is obviously of interest to me, and I will follow 
> developments closely.  The wiki page is very general.  If the 
> Java2DRenderer is to be the "(abstract) technical foundation", what will 
> the relationship to the concrete PDF renderer be?  The wiki is vague on 
> this point.

Jeremias Maerki

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