Renaud Richardet wrote:
Peter, let me answer you last mail [1] here:

You are right that the wiki is still vague about the detailled
implementation of the different renderers. Actually, I haven't started
to think about it until today. I will put my ideas tomorrow on the
wiki. I would be happy if you could put your inputs there, too.


I don't have particular input. I haven't given the rendering any detailed thought at all, apart from the perception fostered by the presence of PDFGraphics2D, PDFGraphicsConfiguration, PDFGraphicsDevice and similar classes in other contexts, that a mapping of the Area tree to Java Graphics2D output could be translated very directly into PDF (and other formats). If that necessarily involves the JPS, so be it.

In order to flesh these notions out, I will be taking maximum advantage of the expertise of others, including yourself. In the meantime, I continue to work on the generation of the Area tree.

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