--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Glen,
> may I request that you hold any further refactoring
> on non-inline layout
> managers until the new page breaking mechanism is in
> place? All previous
> changes in PSLM were automatically handled by CVS
> but the last was the
> first that created a conflict. 


Please veto specific changes with which you are in
disagreement, with valid reasons why.  (Note: 
"Because I had to spend five minutes updating my
branch" is *not* a valid reason.  That is very
arrogant and lazy.)  Or, if the change is one in which
you are not in disagreement with, and you wish to keep
synchronizing, then update the code on your side while
you work.  

Since only one of ten commits had a conflict, I
disagree with you that that warrants shutting down all
my work.  I'm certainly not putting that constraint on
you or any other team member.

> The work on page
> breaking will surely
> have a bigger impact on PSLM so I also want to avoid
> that you're doing
> work now that will be for nothing due to changes
> made necessary due to the
> page breaking rewrite.

Don't worry about that.  We all work with the
understanding that our code can be replaced in whole
or in part at any time.


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