It was no distraction. We'll have to look at this as soon as we decided
on how to attack tables. Your ideas come in shortly after that. I'm not
discarding what you bring in. It's only about priorities.

On 29.03.2005 23:23:41 Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
> > I understand your idea but I don't see (yet) how this can work out. For
> > the moment anyway, I have a different problem. I still need too figure
> > out how to handle page breaking for tables in the Knuth model. This
> > seems to be a rather critical point to me ATM.
> Oh, of course. I just saw the opportunity to unleash some of my ideas, but I
> see now that it is indeed not really relevant to the initial topic of this
> thread --sorry 'bout the unnecessary distractions.
> > It all sounds nice and easy in theory but I'm currently
> > at a loss determining how to actually implement it in a
> > not too complicated way.
> Nothing you should be worrying about right now. Stay focused on whatever
> you're doing, and don't let it distract you too much --it's clear that I am
> the one who needs to give this more thought, while keeping a closer eye on
> what you're doing :-)
> Cheers,
> Andreas

Jeremias Maerki

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